About Me

I hold a postgraduate degree in counseling with additional work qualifying me to become a licensed marriage and family therapist associate. I have done additional independent study to further my skills in working with relationships, and hold certifications in skills that help individuals and relationships function more productively. I offer a calm and caring approach that I believe you will come to value. I firmly believe that therapy offers an outlet that a person or persons need to handle negative circumstances appropriately.

I specialize in work with couples, relationships, and families, as well as individuals, who may be struggling with depression or anxiety, sexual orientation issues, LGBTQ, coming-out issues, marital problems, premarital/commitment counseling, trauma and abuse,  and family and relationship issues. Please contact me even if you do not see your specific need addressed here.

Couples, relationships, families, and individuals have all sorts of difficulties when it comes to money problems, budgets, planning for the future, or just dealing with day to day anxiety over money. I have expertise and experience with these issues and can help. I also can help with financial commitment/marital discord.

I work with couples, relationships, families, and individuals of all cultures and philosophical backgrounds, never judging anyone, but looking to help in whatever way possible.